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Taxi Drivers Wanted!

Posted by wantaghtaxi@gmail.com on July 7, 2018 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Did you ever want a career in transportation that's just a few cuts above the uber/ lyft structure? We understand that uber and Lyft drivers rarely earn a fair shake when they go above and beyond for nothing. It has been rumored that they don't even earn the extra money those operations harge for the surges that customers pay so dearly thinking they are helping the uber and lyft drivers make more money. They are not. The extra "surge money' goes straight into the already deep pockets of uber and lyft and the drivers suffer. Because of this fact, you must look into other career options.


Are you sick of the old yellow cabs outdated corporate structure? As we all know the age of traditional yellow cabs is coming to a close and we want you to take part in the next wave of working with a decent transportation service that incorporates all of the above and more!

In the traditional yellow cab structure, drivers drove 20+ year old beat up yellow cabs, and split the fare down the middle. The fares were usually behind the times. Modern technology requires big data, which is on of the services Wantagh Taxi and Airport Service offers to its clients in order to ensure better service. This implementation upgrades the customer experience, and allows us to keep your taxi fare more up to date. Our structure allows a greater visibility to the driver's bottom line and therefore removes the guess work of calculating how much of each fare you will net.


Wantagh Taxi and Airport Service has your new career/ next stage of your current career within its own operation! Wantagh Taxi and Airport Service is South-East Nassau County's fastest growing town car and SUV transportation service. We like to grow with our clients and drivers and therefore learn better methods of improving end user experiences.


We are not a traditional full on limousine service (no suit and tie but wearing one could get you better fares and tips) but our service level to our clients is fairly close.


Our service level is nowhere near the level of service of a taxi service but we're not averse to providing local services in the area. It also helps that we push fast response times to the customer's ASAP taxi requests and therefore must have the immediate response of a traditional taxi service minus the stigma that previously went along with that.


You could be just a few minutes away from beginning your career as a transportation professional on Long Island with Wantagh Taxi and Airport Service! Just call 516-698-0340, set up an interview with a designated time and place, we will direct you to what you need to do to get started. The process is simple and doesn't take too much time to get you in one of our cars making money for yourself.

The pay for this position is 35% of the fares. The average driver books between $350 and $400 daily, and after tips, goes home with close to $200 a day. The better the service perfomed by the driver, the more likely they will earn tips and therefore take home more money in a day. Clients notie the difference of an average driver to a good driver to a great driver, and we strive to send our clients great drivers. Ones whom can leave a permanent impression of high quality service with our clients for years to come. Remember that being a professional driver is not a race, but a marathon, and the steadiest team members do the best within an organization like so.

Be prepared to deliver service to our clients like never before seen in a taxi company. This is not your traditonal yellow cab company. This is taxi 2.0 for the modern era. You can either join it, or be amazed as you watch it grow in yoru neighborhood to deliver you with excellent service for years to come.

Taxi Service from Wantagh to LaGuardia Airport

Posted by wantaghtaxi@gmail.com on March 5, 2018 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Book a taxi service to drive you from Wantagh NY 11793 to LaGuardia Airport any time of day or night. We will drive you to LGA or pick you up from LaGuardia. We are an alternative to the LI Yellow Cabs, All Island Yellow Cab, Uber and https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/terrorism" target="_blank">Lyft. Our pries are competitive and our diverse fleet of taxis consists of sedans, minivans, crossovers and full sized SUVs for our group of up to 7 passengers. All Airport rides can either be booked in advance or called in for immediate pickup for airport transportation in Wantagh NY.